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Discover how REAL BUSINESS OWNERS are leveraging other people's money, websites and traffic to generate as much as
$1 MILLION in less than 29 days!!

Two Of The Top Affiliate Managers In The World Outline Step-By-Step The Secrets Behind Running An Extremely
Profitable Affiliate Program

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How Much Additional Revenue Can A Skilled Affiliate Manager Really Produce? 
...How About $232,800 More Sales!

If a skilled affiliate manager successfully recruited a conservative 5 additional active affiliates to an online marketer's affiliate program -- and increased the number of sales each active affiliate sells every month by just 5 units, here's what the sales figures could look like on a product with a $97 price tag:
BEFORE Hiring an Affiliate Manager: 
25 Active Affiliates Selling 10 Units Each
$97 x 25 affiliates x 10 units = $24,250/mo x 12 =

AFTER Hiring an Affiliate Manager: 
30 Active Affiliates Selling 15 Units Each
$97 x 30 affiliates x 15 units = $43,650/mo x 12 =

That's an increase of over $232,800 each year!

Just by knowing how to successfully recruit 5 additional affiliates and showing those affiliates how to sell 5 additional units on average per month, the affiliate manager was able to increase annual revenue by over $232,000.

Just imagine what would happen if that affiliate manager recruited more than 5 active affiliates during the year...


Showed them how to increase their average monthly sales by more than 5 units...

That's what Russell Brunson and Stu McLaren specialize in - training affiliate managers to effectively boost the performance of any affiliate program.

Russell has an affiliate program which has just over 30,000 affiliates generating revenue of over $100,000 per month.  Dial in to find out how built this up in less than 18 months.


Stu is the affiliate manager for many top marketers including Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin and Mark Victor Hansen. 

Discover how he helped one client recently generate over $1M in less than 29 days with one affiliate campaign.

During this course you'll discover...

  • Why all the "gurus" are jumping on the affiliate manager bandwagon... and how you can profit from it

  • The number one way to detect a "phony" affiliate manager - if they aren't doing these 3 things on a regular basis, then get rid of them

  • Top 5 pressing issues facing affiliate managers in today's competitive marketplace... and how to quickly eliminate them

  • Why Russell NEVER pays his affiliates through PayPal anymore... after he shares his reasoning for making the switch you're head will be spinning

  • How to get started with any affiliate program as a product owner or as a newbie affiliate manager

  • and so much more!

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